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Yeast lytic enzyme, for effective digestion of yeast cell wall glucan
Proteinase K is used in molecular biology applications to digest unwanted proteins such as nuclease
Enzyme for cutting both double-stranded and single-stranded DNA.
Compatible for use in RNase protection assays,and to hydrolyze RNA contained in protein samples.
5-hmC detection; 5-hmC enrichment
Complete digestion of DNA into individual nucleosides.
Complete digestion of DNA into individual nucleotides
Fast protocol to purify MBP-tagged proteins from cell-free extracts.
Fast protocol to purify Strep-tagged proteins from cell-free extracts.
Rapid, thorough lysis of yeast cells for protein and DNA analysis.
Fast His-tagged protein purification.
Amplification of bisulfite-converted & CpG rich DNA; Amplification of DNA

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