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Rapid, thorough lysis of yeast cells for protein and DNA analysis.
Yeast genetic counter-selection agent
Make competent yeast cells for fast trasformations.
Specialized medium for yeast outgrowth to increase yeast transformation efficiencies
Aqueous solution. Opposite to the alpha-factor mating pheromone, for arresting yeast in G1 of the ce
Aqueous solution for arresting yeast in G1 of the cell cycle
Yeast lytic enzyme, for effective digestion of yeast cell wall glucan
Easily isolate DNA from tough-to-lyse fungi and bacteria.
Simple DNA purification from a broad spectrum of fungal species.
Inhibitor-free microbial DNA from any sample validated for microbiomic and metagenomic analyses
Simple solution for yeast plasmid DNA isolation using Zymolyase

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